Interface PlanStatistics

public interface PlanStatistics
This class provides simple access to plan a basic statistic.
See Also:
  • IPlanStatistics
  • Method Details

    • done

      float done()
    • todo

      float todo()
    • numberOfResolved

      int numberOfResolved()
    • numberOfUnresolved

      int numberOfUnresolved()
    • doneAsString

      @NotNull String doneAsString()
    • todoAsString

      @NotNull String todoAsString()
    • planned

      float planned()
      planned == done+todo
    • numberOfPlanned

      int numberOfPlanned()
    • plannedAsString

      @NotNull String plannedAsString()
    • asString

      @NotNull String asString(float value)
    • idealProgress

      float idealProgress()
      Returns ideal progress. Value is 0 before plan's start date and equals value of planned work for plan's end day an later. Progress value is based on number of working days.
      See Also:
      • If plan's start or end dates are not defined or there are no working days returns 0.
    • idealProgressAsString

      @NotNull String idealProgressAsString()
    • progress

      float progress()
    • progressAsString

      @NotNull String progressAsString()