Interface UpdatablePlan

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CanRender<Renderer<? extends Renderer<?>>>, HasFields, HasReference<ModelEntityReference>, ModelEntity, ModelEntityBase<Plan,PlanReference>, ModelObject, ModelObjectBase<Plan,PlanReference>, Plan, UpdatableModelObject, UpdatableModelObjectBase<Plan,PlanReference>

public interface UpdatablePlan extends Plan, UpdatableModelObjectBase<Plan,PlanReference>
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    • fields

      @NotNull UpdatablePlanFields fields()
      Specified by:
      fields in interface HasFields
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      fields in interface ModelObject
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      fields in interface Plan
    • items

      @NotNull UpdatablePlanWorkItems items()
      Description copied from interface: Plan
      The shortcut for iterating over Plan.fields().PlanFields.records() and other helper methods related to Work Items contained in the Plan.

      The iterator never returns null value or the same value more than once.
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      items in interface Plan
    • delete

      void delete()
    • copyFromTemplate

      void copyFromTemplate(@NotNull Plan template)
      Copies field values and wiki page with attachments from plan template. If this plan is a template then copies all fields, otherwise copies fields in IPlan.FIELDS_FROM_TEMPLATE and sets the IPlan.KEY_TEMPLATE field to the plan template.
      template - the plan template
      IllegalArgumentException - if parameter template is not a template